1. Karma in the Creative Industry

    2023-03-18 23:55:00 UTC
    The creative industry is cut throat (in the nicest terms possible). I have seen, and been subject to some of the most vile forms of judgment and unnecessary hate all due to the speculation that I was attempting to compete. When in actuality I was completely content just creating and…

  2. Monday Motivation: Stay Focused and Grind!

    2023-03-12 19:39:36 UTC
    Why Staying Focused is Essential for Success We all want to be successful, but the path to success can be a long and winding one. To reach the top, it’s essential to stay focused on our goals and keep grinding. Staying focused is not just about setting goals - it’s…

  3. Product Review: Lume Cube Anti Collision Light

    2023-03-01 00:20:43 UTC
    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates by law that “drones flown between sunset and sunrise must be equipped with anti-collision lighting. These lights must have a strobe function that strobes between 40 - 100 cycles/minute. They also must be visible from 3 statute miles.” The Lume Cube is a…

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